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Welcome To Lukwow


Our dreams are bold, our beliefs resolute, and our minds enveloped in imagination. We believe that we’re headed in the right direction, and are constantly looking for companions on this exciting journey. Are you one of them?

"We’re looking for people with passion, a distinct point-of-view and drive to take on the challenge of creating a successful brand and business. If you believe you have the ability to look at the bigger picture and yet find joy in the finest of details, plan things thoroughly and yet flex rapidly to execute them to perfection, we’d be delighted to have you on the team.”

 We love brains! Not like zombies do! But a brain that has everyone ticking   is   what we are, and what we seek. We love a good brainstorm and need   quality   sparring partners who are passionate and imaginative, to be   brilliant at what we   are already good at.
 Fun-loving folks
 Step in to our office and you may be greeted with a raucous crowd engrossed in   a   game  of foosball, and you may just be pulled into it. There are also unlimited   cupcakes   making the rounds even if for no reason at all. We don’t believe in   boundaries, even   between work and play.
 Get on Top
 For inner peace, look within. You may also find your inner crazy! Either   way, be   the best of who you are and what you’re good at. We look up to   those who are   wildly passionate and creative. Who are here to make an   impact and build   something unique.
 We are family
 It’s not lonely at the top here, or below! While we all are rooted in fashion, retail,   and   ecommerce, we come from every walk of life. Catch us during lunch, in the   pantry, or   after hours, and everyone is mingling merrily over coffee, chai and   cookies.

Jack was busy with all trade, but maybe YOU can be a part of our team. We’re not looking for sailors, but if you are an expert in Design, Buying, Marketing, Technology, or Operations, just mail us your resume and a cover note at [email protected]